Tracheostomy (Eng)

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#Tracheostomy #Eng

On this video you’ll study fundamental concept and process of tracheostomy,
beneath common anesthesia or native infiltration
affected person positioned in supine place
put beanbag between shoulder blades
hyper lengthen the Neck
apply aseptic answer
drap the affected person
give pores and skin incisions ( horizontal or vertical) 2 to three cm above supra sternal notch
division subcutaneous tissue and straps muscle
divide thyroid isthmus in midline
obtain hemostasis
palpate the trachea
give horizontal incision between 2nd and third or third and 4th tracheal ring
positioned tracheostomy tube
do suction
shut the wound
mounted tracheostomy tube
do dressing
Tracheostomy (Eng)

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