S21:E8 | Bariatric Surgical procedure | Weight Loss Choices with Sleeve Gastrectomy or Gastric Bypass

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Are you contemplating Bariatric Surgical procedure? In that case, whether or not it’s Sleeve Gastrectomy or Gastric Bypass, this podcast, with Dr. Ann Smith, Director of Bariatric Surgical procedure for VA New England Healthcare System, covers details about necessities, expectations, how the process works, life afterward and far, rather more. Subscribe to our publication for extra content material like this at https://www.newengland.va.gov/data

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00:00:51 Why take into account Bariatric Surgical procedure?
00:02:18 How does VA’s Bariatric Surgical procedure evaluate with Civilian Hospitals?
00:03:04 What are the {qualifications} for Bariatric Surgical procedure?
00:03:30 Why select Bariatric Surgical procedure?
00:05:52 Does Bariatric Surgical procedure improve life expectancy?
00:08:15 Course of for getting Bariatric Surgical procedure
00:09:33 Sleeve Gastrectomy vs. Gastric Bypass
00:12:15 Psychological and emotional help for Bariatric Surgical procedure
00:13:35 discuss to your loved ones about Bariatric Surgical procedure
00:15:23 How does Bariatric Surgical procedure work?
00:19:52 What occurs throughout Bariatric Surgical procedure?
00:23:33 Restoration from Bariatric Surgical procedure
00:24:48 Weight reduction expectations from Bariatric Surgical procedure
00:27:33 Receiving care utilizing tele-health and tele-medicine
00:29:52 Weight achieve after Bariatric Surgical procedure
00:33:08 Does your physique “reset” after Bariatric Surgical procedure?
00:36:49 The place do I’m going to study extra about Bariatric Surgical procedure at VA?
00:38:38 Do I must drop a few pounds earlier than Bariatric Surgical procedure?
00:39:20 Do I must stop smoking earlier than Bariatric Surgical procedure?
00:40:06 Do I must stop consuming / alcohol earlier than Bariatric Surgical procedure?
00:41:02 Do I must cease consuming caffeine earlier than Bariatric Surgical procedure?
00:44:21 Bariatric Surgical procedure appears to cut back threat of most cancers
00:45:21 Is there a bonus to utilizing VA for Bariatric Surgical procedure?


The Division of Veterans Affairs has three, separate administrations aimed to serve our nation’s Veterans with an assortment of advantages that deal with the distinctive wants of each Veteran. To make certain you’re interacting with the correct administration inside VA, listed below are brief descriptions for every VA administration:

Veterans Well being Care: VA’s Veterans Well being Administration is the biggest built-in well being care community in america, with 1,255 well being care services serving 9 million enrolled Veterans annually.

Veterans Advantages: Veterans can earn a variety of advantages that assist them transition again to civilian life within the nation they fought to defend. By the Veterans Advantages Administration, VA helps servicemembers transition out of army service, and assists with training, dwelling loans, life insurance coverage and rather more.

Nationwide Cemeteries: The job of the Nationwide Cemetery Administration is to verify those that served this nation are by no means forgotten. NCA offers dignified burial providers for Veterans and eligible relations by sustaining 142 cemeteries as nationwide shrines and offering lasting tributes that commemorate their service and sacrifice to our nation.

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S21:E8 | Bariatric Surgical procedure | Weight Loss Choices with Sleeve Gastrectomy or Gastric Bypass

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