Arabic || Anatomy || Higher Limb || Lecture 16 || Humerus Fractures

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#Arabic #Anatomy #Higher #Limb #Lecture #Humerus #Fractures


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▶️Video Chapters:

00:00 Welcome & Subject
00:38 Humerus Fractures
01:00 Surgical Neck Fracture
02:44 Avulsion Fracture
04:18 Humeral Shaft Fracture
04:39 Greenstick Fracture
05:54 Transverse Fracture
06:14 Indirect – Spiral Fractures
07:47 Intercondylar Fracture
08:40 Nerves Harm Associated to Humerus Fracture
09:47 Fast Recap
10:50 The Finish

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Arabic || Anatomy || Higher Limb || Lecture 16 || Humerus Fractures

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