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What’s lateral ankle ligament reconstruction?
Lateral ankle ligament reconstruction is a surgical procedure to tighten and agency up a number of ankle ligaments on the surface of your ankle. It’s often known as the Brostrom process. It’s most frequently achieved as an outpatient surgical procedure, so you’ll be able to go house the identical day.

Your ankle is a hinge joint that permits movement up and down, and back and forth. Your foot and ankle have a number of ligaments. These are sturdy band-like constructions that hold the bones in your ankle and ft tightly related. On the outer facet of your foot, you’ve a number of ligaments. These embrace the anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) and the calcaneofibular ligament (CFL). These assist hold your ankle and foot regular if you stroll.

If in case you have had repeated ankle sprains or when you have sure foot deformities, your ligaments can begin to get weak and free. If this occurs, your ankle could turn into unstable.

Throughout lateral ankle ligament reconstruction, the surgeon makes a small reduce on the surface of your ankle. That is achieved while you’re below normal anesthesia. Then your surgeon tightens a number of of the ligaments on the surface of your foot.

Why may I want a lateral ankle ligament reconstruction?
You may want this surgical procedure if a number of of the ligaments on the surface of your ankle has loosened or stretched. This results in a situation referred to as power ankle instability. It will possibly trigger power ache, repeated ankle sprains, and an ankle that always offers approach if you stroll or carry out actions.

At first, an ankle sprain could stretch and partially tear your ankle ligaments. This primary sprain makes it extra possible that you’ll sprain your ankle once more. That is extra possible in the event you didn’t have the primary sprain handled correctly. Extra sprains could loosen your ligaments much more.

Sure mechanical issues together with your foot could make you extra more likely to develop an unstable ankle, equivalent to:

Hindfoot varus
Plantar flexion of the primary ray
Midfoot cavus (excessive arches)
Normal looseness of your ligaments—for instance, from a medical situation like Ehlers-Danlos
You’ll have already been handled with bodily remedy and particular foot inserts. A healthcare supplier could advise surgical procedure if different therapies in your ankle haven’t labored. It’s not widespread to wish this surgical procedure proper after a primary ankle sprain.

What are the dangers of a lateral ankle ligament reconstruction?
Each surgical procedure has dangers. Dangers for this surgical procedure embrace:

Extra bleeding
Nerve harm
An infection
Stiffness in your ankle joint
Blood clot
Issues from anesthesia
No enchancment in your ankle stability
Your personal threat for issues will depend on your age, the anatomy of your foot, and your normal well being. Speak together with your healthcare supplier about any considerations you may need. You’ll be able to talk about the dangers that the majority apply to you.

How do I prepare for a lateral ankle ligament reconstruction?
Speak together with your healthcare supplier about the best way to put together in your surgical procedure. Ask in the event you ought to cease taking any medicines forward of time, like blood thinners. Should you smoke, attempt to give up smoking earlier than your process. Inform your healthcare supplier about all of the medicines you’re taking. This included over-the-counter medicines like aspirin. Additionally, inform her or him about any modifications in your general well being, like a current fever.

Earlier than your process, it’s possible you’ll want imaging assessments, equivalent to X-rays or an MRI. You shouldn’t eat or drink something after midnight the evening earlier than your process.

It’s possible you’ll must plan some modifications to your property and actions earlier than surgical procedure. You gained’t have the ability to stroll in your foot usually for some time.

What occurs throughout a lateral ankle ligament reconstruction?
There are a variety of strategies used for lateral ankle ligament reconstruction. Ask your healthcare supplier in regards to the particulars of your surgical procedure. An orthopedic foot surgeon will carry out your surgical procedure. The surgical procedure could take 2 or extra hours. You’ll be able to anticipate the next:

You’ll most likely obtain normal anesthesia to make you sleep by way of the process or regional anesthesia to numb the concerned leg.
In the course of the surgical procedure, your important indicators, like your coronary heart price and blood strain, will likely be watched fastidiously.
After cleansing the affected space, your surgeon will make a reduce by way of the pores and skin and muscle of your ankle.
In case your surgical procedure is minimally invasive, your surgeon will reduce a small incision. She or he will put small devices and a digital camera by way of the incision to carry out your surgical procedure.
Your surgeon could take away your ATFL and your CFL ankle ligaments from the place they connect in your fibula.
She or he could make these ligaments shorter.
Your surgeon could then reattach these ligaments to your fibula through the use of small new holes drilled into your bone.
Your surgeon could make different repairs, if essential.
The layers of pores and skin and muscle round your ankle will likely be surgically closed.

Bioabsorbable Staple Line Reinforcement

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