Scamdemic – The COVID-19 Agenda: The Liberal’s Plot To Win The White Home

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Actual pandemics don't depend on defective prediction fashions, biased reporting, politicized science, exaggerated mortality charges, and inflated loss of life statistics. Scamdemic, a mixture of the phrases rip-off and pandemic defines the mainstream media's orchestration in making a COVID-19 hysteria. This ebook shouldn’t be stating that the COVID-19 virus isn't a menace, this ebook exposes the exaggeration and fearmongering of the COVID-19 virus menace to panic the inhabitants.

An instance of how the mainstream media oversells and dramatizes information, particularly destructive information, is illustrated by the reporting of Hurricane Florence. When Hurricane Florence headed towards the U.S. coast in 2018, the information broadcast hourly progress studies. One reporter's reside shot went viral. He confirmed himself struggling towards the fury of the oncoming hurricane in South Carolina, digging his ft into the bottom, to regular himself towards the onslaught of the "gale pressure" wind, yelling so his voice might be heard above the wind's noise. Unbeknownst to the reporter, throughout his reside dramatic shot, residents calmly strolled behind the reporter, unaffected by the hurricane winds. The reporter, not seeing the residents behind him, foolishly continued his dramatic wrestle towards the wind. And thus, the pretend information was uncovered. 

I'm the man strolling behind the pretend information reporting and exposing it.

After the pretend information media panicked the inhabitants, state governors capitalized on the weakened psychology to declare a "State of Emergency" that gave them full authoritarian management to implement pointless socioeconomic lockdowns. These lockdowns are a socialist Democrat's dream. Lockdowns remoted, managed and skilled folks into strict authorities obedience. Welcome to COVID-1984, the dystopian future we feared has arrived. George Orwell can be proud.

The lockdowns suspended our constitutional rights and killed Trump's booming U.S. financial system. The scamdemic lockdowns proceed even because the loss of life charge from COVID-19 has flatlined throughout the nation. Bear in mind, the lockdowns had been imagined to final only some weeks till we "flattened the curve." We flattened the curve months in the past, however state governors refuse to launch their financial stranglehold and to revive our constitutional rights.

The Scamdemic supplied the right excuse to institute large unsecured mail-in voting in battleground states to cheat the 2020 presidential election. 

This ebook options data and knowledge from credible sources that had been minimally reported or ignored as a result of it didn't push the "virus apocalypse" media narrative. The pretend information media both restricts, censors, or mocks the science and scientists that don't adhere to their alarmist narrative. 


Scamdemic – The COVID-19 Agenda: The Liberal’s Plot To Win The White Home

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