HyGuru | USMLE Step 1: 100 Concepts in Gross Anatomy

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This is my #Step1 Musculoskeletal Review for the #USMLE Step 1! Highest yield concepts in a question based manner. Time Stamps:
✓ Introduction: 0:45
✓ How did I create this session? 5:00
✓ Trunk & Upper Extremities (Clinical Correlates): 6:30
✓ Lower Extremities (Clinical Correlates): 58:35
✓ Conclusion: 1:42:22

Here are some sample UWorld Notes for MSK:

Also, I based a lot of the upper and lower extremity review from this high-yield PDF:

➡️ My full resources for the #USMLE are found on my new website: www.hyguru.com

Here are some helpful links:
💡 General Pathology #Pathoma Ch. 1-3 (active recall review, 10 videos) ➡️ like for Rapid Review course (begin few weeks prior to your USMLE): https://hyguru.teachable.com/p/rapid-review-course

➡️ Check out my #UWorld 2020 Notes (sample):
💡 USMLE Infectious Disease UW Notes:

💡USMLE Cardiology UW Notes:

📝 Full UW Notes: https://hyguru.teachable.com/p/hyguru-uworld-step-1-notes/

➡️Check out my USMLE Step 1 Integrated Outline [study schedule to get through First Aid]:

➡️Check out my Goljan Active Recall USMLE Step 1 course 🆓: hyguru.teachable.com

Hope this video helps ➡️ connect with me: rahul@hyguru.com

About me:
I am a pediatric critical care fellow passionate about inspiring the next generation of medical students. My goal is to deliver an active-recall based, engaging high-yield review so you rock your USMLE! I would love to connect with each and every one of you so definitely reach out!

Twitter: @hyguruprep
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hyguruprep
Email: rahul@hyguru.com

HyGuru | USMLE Step 1: 100 Concepts in Gross Anatomy

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