Cost of Bariatric Surgery

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Video discussing the cost of bariatric surgery which may vary according to the type of procedure, hospital chosen and duration of stay. It also discusses the insurance coverage for bariatric surgery and the various payment plans available for the same.
Bariatric surgery is a hi-tech superspeciality surgery aimed at long term effective weight loss. This surgery is performed using the laparoscopic approach using a number of ultramodern surgical devices which make the procedure quick, safe and bloodless. The operation is associated with a low complication rate and a rapid recovery and this contributes to the increased acceptance of the procedure amongst the public at large.
However, the use of specialised equipment makes the surgery costly as compared to routine general and laparoscopic surgeries. These devices and implants mainly the energy sources and staplers are usually imported and have a single use policy which means that they cannot be re-used for other patients. Adding to the cost is the infrastructure required to tackle obese patients who require specialised hospital beds, clothing, wheelchairs, operation tables, commodes, etc. which are suited to their increased body weight. Many patients require stay in HDU/ICU after the surgery for a day or more adding to the overall cost.
The total cost incurred would depend upon the institute, type of procedure, surgical fees and cost of the consumables used in the particular operation. In general, the cost would increase with heavier patients with greater risk of complications and those undergoing more complex procedures as compared to straightforward operations. Though the average cost of bariatric surgery in the Western world may be close to 8000-10000 USD, in India it can vary between 3000-5000 or USD 2-5 lac INR.
The surgery is usually a self pay procedure but recently it has got coverage under a number of private insurance companies under some specific clauses. The central government of India also gives coverage for this surgery to some employees under the CGHS. Due to the cost of the surgery, some finance companies offer a medical loan with easy EMI options for people with financial constraints to benefit from this treatment.
Cost of Bariatric Surgery

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