Anatomy of ANAL CANAL || Revision within 10 minutes || Dr Yusuf ||

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This is just a Revision of Anatomy of Anal Canal. For a more descriptive video watch the full video on Anatomy of Anal Canal here

Below is the list of some of lecture videos which you can watch on this channel.

1. Lecture on Development during the 3rd week after Gestation
2. Changes during the second week of development of the embryo
3. Embryology – Fertilization & Implantation (Development during 1st week of embryo)
4. Development of Female Reproductive System
5. Embryology Lecture on The Placenta …………. by Dr. Yusuf

Head & Neck & Brain
6. Anatomy Lecture – Blood Vessels of the Thorax and Head & Neck
7. Anatomy Lecture on Brain Stem – 2 (Medulla Oblongata)
8. Anatomy Lecture on Brain Stem – 1 (Mid brain & Pons)
9. Anatomy lecture on Oral Cavity & Salivary glands (Complete) ………. by Dr. Yusuf
10. Anatomy Lecture on Esophagus …….. by Dr. Yusuf
11. Anatomy of Pharynx & Esophagus Complete
12. Anatomy of Pharynx
13. Anatomy Lecture on Salivary Glands (Parotid, Sub-Mandibular &Sub-Lingual) …….. by Dr. Yusuf
14. Anatomy Lecture on Oral Cavity – lip & tongue ……… by Dr. Yusuf
15. Anatomy of Spinal Cord by Dr Yusuf
16. Anatomy Of Larynx (Complete)
17. Anatomy of Neck (Complete)
18. Triangles of Neck – SIMPLIFIED
19. Supra & Infra-hyoid Muscles
20. Triangles of the Neck
21. Deep Fascia of the Neck
22. Anatomy Lecture of Larynx
23. Lecture on Anatomy of THYROID & PARA-THYROID GLANDS
24. Lecture on Anatomy of Face ………….. by Dr. Yusuf
25. Lecture on Anatomy of Scalp ……….. by Dr. Yusuf
26. Temporal, Infra-Temporal Fossa & Muscles of Mastication ……… by Dr. Yusuf
27. Anatomy of External Ear
28. Anatomy of Middle Ear
29. Anatomy of Cerebellum
30. Anatomy of the Tympanic Membrane
31. Anatomy of the EAR (External & Middle)

32. Spinal cord – Lab demo
33. Meninges & Dural Venous Sinus – Lab demo
34. Cerebellum – Lab Demo

35. Surface marking of the Heart ……. by DrYusuf
36. The External Features of the Heart (Anatomy Lecture) …… by Dr. Yusuf
37. Blood supply of the Heart (Anatomy Lecture) …….
38. The Pericardium
39. The HEART – Anatomy Lecture on the Internal Structures &
40. Anatomy of Breast by DrYusuf
41. Anatomy of Lung & Pleura Part II
42. Anatomy Lecture of Lung, Pleura & Broncho-pulmonary segments (Part I)

Abdomen & Pelvis:
43. Anatomy Lecture on Large Intestine ……. by Dr. Yusuf
44. Anatomy Lecture on Small Intestine …….. by Dr. Yusuf
46. Anatomy Lecture on MALE EXTERNAL GENITAL SYSTEM (Penis & Scrotum)
47. Anatomy of ANTERIOR ABDOMINAL WALL (Part 1)
48. Anatomy of Anterior Abdominal Wall (Part 2) – INGUINAL CANAL & HERNIAS
49. Anatomy Lecture on ISCHIO RECTAL FOSSA………… by Dr Yusuf
50. Anatomy Lecture of Supra Renal (Adrenal) gland
51. Anatomy Lecture of the TESTIS (Male Reproductive System)
52. Anatomy Lecture of the SPLEEN ………… by Dr. Yusuf
53. Lecture on Anatomy of the VAGINA
55. Lecture on Anatomy of UTERUS & CERVIX
56. Lecture on Anatomy of OVARY & Female External Genitalia
57. Lecture on Anatomy of PERITONEUM………….. by Dr. Yusuf
58. Anatomy Lecture on URINARY BLADDER & Ductus/Vas Deferens
59. Anatomy Lecture on PANCREAS ……….. by Dr. Yusuf
60. Anatomy Lecture on KIDNEY……….. by Dr Yusuf
61. Anatomy of LIVER & Extra Hepatic Biliary Apparatus ……… by Dr. Yusuf
62. Lecture on Anatomy of Stomach………… by Dr. Yusuf
63. Anatomy of the Uro-genital region
64. Anatomy of the Diaphragm
65. Anatomy of the Posterior Abdominal Wall
66. Anatomy of the PORTAL VEIN & Porta-Caval Anastomosis
67. Anatomy of the CAECUM
68. Anatomy of the VERMIFORM APPENDIX
69. Anatomy of the ANAL CANAL

Lower Limb
70. Joints of Lower Limb (Complete)
71. Anatomy of Knee Joint
72. Anatomy of Hip Joint
73. Anatomy fo Ankle & Subtalar Joints
74. Anatomy of Foot (Complete)
75. Arches of the Foot
76. Anatomy of Foot
77. Anatomy of the Leg
78. Anatomy of Thigh (Complete)
79. Osteology of Hip Bone &Femur
80. Anatomy of Thigh – Hamstring compartment
81. Anatomy of Thigh – Adductor compartment & Obturator nerve
82. Femoral triangle & Femoral sheath
83. Femoral nerve
84. Anatomy of Thigh – Anterior compartment
85. The Popliteal fossa (for MSK Block)
86. Anatomy of Gluteal Region (Musculoskeletal System)

Upper Limb
87. Anatomy Lecture on AXILLA & BRACHIAL PLEXUS ………. by Dr Yusuf
88. Anatomy Lecture on Forearm (Part-1) (Flexor compartment)
89. Anatomy Lecture on FOREARM (Part 2) (Extensor Compartment)
90. Lecture on Anatomy of Hand ……….. by Dr. Yusuf
91. Lecture on Anatomy of Cubital Fossa
92. Lecture on Anatomy of Arm ……….. by Dr. Yusuf

General Anatomy:
93. Anatomy lecture on An Introduction to Lymphatic System

The list continues…

Also, check out the REVISION PLAYLIST for all the topics for Revision in 10 minutes.

Anatomy of ANAL CANAL || Revision within 10 minutes || Dr Yusuf ||

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