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How to Recover from Bariatric Surgery Hair Loss

As a weight loss surgery patient your excitement over losing excess weight may have had a slight glitch–perhaps your hair is thinning! Bariatric surgery hair loss is not uncommon. Besides your surgery, your body has gone through a major change. You may have been accustomed to consuming a few thousand calories a day. After surgery you are probably consuming between 300 and 600 calories a day.

This can cause your body to go into a kind of “shock”. Your body senses a crisis and reacts by going into an emergency mode. It knows that your vital organs need nourishment to keep working properly. It rushes nutrients to those organs and leaves your hair to fend for itself!

Symptoms of Lack of Nutrients in Your Hair

After surgery your hair may come out easily when you brush or comb it. This thinning of your hair is experienced by most but not all bariatric patients. Your eyebrows can also be affected by the loss of nutrients. When you pluck your eyebrows you may notice that they are easier to pluck.

Along with thinning, you may notice that you have lost your natural luster and shine. Your hair may appear dull and dry. You may experience loss of curl if your hair is naturally curly. Even the color of your hair may experience changes. Loss of pigment is not uncommon after gastric bypass surgery.

When does Bariatric Hair Loss Begin?

Time frames may vary from person to person but it normally takes about a month for your hair to react to the lack of nutrients that it was accustomed to. It could take several months for you to get the proper nutrition back into your hair follicles.

What Nutrients Does My Body Need Now?

Human hair’s main ingredient is a protein called keratin. It is also found in your nails, teeth, and skin. While your body is busy sending necessary protein to your vital organs your hair is getting very little. In order for your hair to stay healthy and full it must have protein.

A deficiency in zinc may also be a factor in hair loss. Zinc is an essential mineral found in foods such as dairy products, beans, nuts, red meat, and whole grains. Manganese and copper may be additional culprits.

Will Bariatric Supplements Help My Thinning Hair?

The good news is that hair problems do not have to be an on-going problem. With proper bariatric vitamins and supplements your hair can be improved and on its way back to the healthy hair you once had. Vitamins and supplements with no fillers or additives should be taken daily – this allows for the needed nutrients to be rushed to your hair follicles.





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