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Average Breast Size – Average Size of Women’s Breasts on The Rise?

A standard pertaining to the average breast size never existed previously but was established only rather recently. While others have different sizes (both big and small), it is a fact that a certain number of women have a common bosom size.

What Is The Average Breast Size?

While the average Asian size was 34A previously, it is now 34B which is the same with many women in the United States. The average breast size in other countries in the world is also 34B. In other words, you are considered average everywhere in the world if the size of your bust is 34B. That said, the average breast size in many countries is actually increasing based on the findings of recent studies. Over time, more and more females will have a 36C size rather than 34B, since the breast size of 34B is now gradually becoming 36C.

It is obvious that this trend that’s making people from all walks of life follow is one that is set by the Western culture. This is another huge difference everywhere that can be attributed to America’s influence on people. Others with sizes below 36C are now considered small since more females today have a 36C bust size. Well, it is a fact that nobody wants to be small!

Why Is The Size Increasing?

That the average bust size is dramatically increasing from 34B to 34C is an understatement. Based on statistics, 28% of women in the United States have 36C bust size whereas 44% of them have 34B size. Females who have a 36C size will overtake those who have smaller sizes which mean that the difference will diminish. This is all possible because of medicine and technology. For people who want to have bigger breasts for a smaller fee, it is easy for them to get breast implants these days from different doctors all over the US, possibly with cheaper prices and services. It would seem that the size of breast is a key focus when it comes to female beauty. People tend to equate attractiveness with bigger bosoms. It is also a sign of good reproductive health and femininity that is accepted by cultures worldwide.

It is certainly possible to get bigger than average breasts with cosmetic surgery. That said, you should know that there is reportedly a higher risk of breast cancer, infections and other side effects when breasts are not enhanced using unnatural methods. It may be a while before the medical community can find ways to bring down the number and rate of surgical infections. To avoid surgical-related complications and risk, it is therefore wise to consider natural methods to attain bigger breasts.





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